Cosmetic brands expert in skincare and spa

Three brands with complementary positioning to satisfy all needs, all destinations, all projects.
From products to treatment protocols, these brands offer inspiring stories and a complete and effective guest experience.


Since the opening of its very first spa in France 20 years ago, Cinq Mondes has built upon its expertise in traditional medicines from around the world (Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc.) in order to derive solutions from ancestral knowledge to contemporary beauty and well-being concerns. Since then, 22 spas have opened around the world under the Cinq Mondes brand in partnership with major hotel groups: Club Med, Raffles, Wyndham-Dolce, SBM. The brand has also gone on to develop 200 other partnerships with the finest 4 and 5-star hotels in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the USA and Asia. Then 200 other partnerships with the finest 4* and 5* hotels in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the USA and Asia. Development of exclusive techniques and methods, such as Dermapuncture® (acupuncture technique without needles) or La Skin Dietetics® to stimulate and rebalance the skin's cellular metabolism.

Cinq Mondes offers a new vision of Ancestral Rituals from around the World, thanks to its in-depth knowledge of traditional medicines combined with advanced scientific know-how.


Through its beauty rituals of the world, Cinq Mondes offers deep regeneration of the body and mind to recreate a state of perfect balance, even inside our skin cells. It offers a range of 60 Green & Clean formulas to meet all skin needs.





DEEP NATURE is at one with powerful and untouched nature; it draws its pure minerals and active ingredients from the highest peaks to the deepest geological and oceanic riches. It designs its spas in exceptional locations in the heart of mountains and forests, on the edge of the oceans, as parentheses of preserved nature.

Deep Nature is at one with the powerful and untouched nature; it draws its pure minerals and active ingredients from the highest peaks to the deepest geological and oceanic riches


More than 15 years of experience in beauty treatments have gone into Deep Nature’s range of natural*, mineral, tailor-made products that are produced in France. It is rooted in the unspoilt power of nature and uses simple, powerful ingredients. Its formulas restore the mineral balance of the skin with just the right amount of minerals and trace elements, helping skin to awaken its natural abilities without the addition of artificial molecules. Our formulas can be customised according to the client’s skin type, the climate, the environment or their wishes. Tailor-made, completely safe products for everyone, men and women, regardless of their age. Immediate results, natural* and effective products.
*95% of ingredients are of natural origin in accordance with ISO 16128


Marine cosmeceuticals

Since 1962, Algotherm has been drawing from the world's seas and oceans the most expert marine biotechnologies to regenerate and remineralize the skin. With its expertise in aesthetic dermatology, it offers genuine cosmeceuticals that combine dermatological active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, AHA, niacinamide....) and powerful marine biological extracts.

Algotherm has inherited the untold riches of the oceans; today, it is pushing the boundaries of marine cosmeceuticals, with scientific exploration and the worlds of medicine and cosmetics.


Thanks to seaweed, a phenomenal plant at the heart of our products, we can offer your skin a targeted, effective and natural response, to preserve your beauty assets. To do this, ALGOTHERM has selected 24 species of seaweed together with other marine active ingredients to create 6 innovative marine complexes, including 1 patented complex, with proven results on the skin.
All our seaweed comes from renewable resources ensuring the marine environment remains protected.