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A clean beauty in constant evolution

Preserving the planet’s resources while working for a clean beauty always more respectful of the environment and the skin of our customers is a key objective of SNOW Group.

This is why our different brands respect a black list regularly optimized to remove from our formulations any harmful and/or controversial ingredient.

We exclude from our formulas mineral oils and silicones from petrochemicals through the Natural Laboratories Charter, but also plastic microbeads, non-RSPO palm oil and chemical sunscreens. For our Deep Nature brand, we exclude water from our formulas.

We look for the best vegetable raw materials, and whenever possible, we favor naturally processed or organically grown ingredients.

Manufactured between Caen and Plouédern, our products are all certified Made in France. In a constant concern to improve our products and to respect the environmental resources and the skin of our customers, our products are certified with 90% of ingredients of natural origin.

Protecting biodiversity

Preserving and working to protect biodiversity is one of our core missions.

This is why we closely monitor our various extractions, particularly in Brittany when harvesting seaweed. On the Brittany coast we collect seaweed from renewable resources while respecting their different reproduction periods.

Anxious to contribute actively to the preservation of biodiversity, our brands are committed to our side:

Deep Nature is associated with the association “Reforest’Action” for the second consecutive year and has thus contributed to the planting of more than 190 trees.

In 2022 and on the occasion of the “Ocean days” our brand Algotherm has committed to donate 1 euro to the association “Wings of the ocean” for each order placed.

Ecodesigned packaging

Committed for several years to an eco-design approach for our packaging, we continue our ongoing efforts to ensure increasingly environmentally friendly packaging.

For some of our products, we have banned superfluous packaging and included instructions for use directly on the cardboard to limit our use of paper and ink. Whenever possible, some of our packaging is made of recyclable materials: cardboard for cases, recyclable PET for bottles and glass for some primary packaging.

Always in a concern of continuous effort, we make our packaging evolve during innovations or (re)launching.

Our SPA-A labeled spas

The SPA-A quality label is intended for wellness professionals who wish to adhere to a valorizing and federating charter.

Before being a quality label, SPA-A is a non-profit association under the French law of 1901 which aims at setting up different types of actions for wellness professionals. On the basis of a national participative approach, Spa-A has created a charter based on quality requirements specific to Spas, which are set out in a reference framework for the award of a label: the Spa-A quality charter.

This charter is composed of more than 100 criteria and different themes:

– customer care services and treatment progress

– equipment and premises, products

– preservation of the environment

Our certified spas: Cinq Mondes Spa La Samaritaine, Deep Nature Spa-Les Granges-d’en-Haut, Thalasso Deauville Algotherm, Club Med Spa La Palmeraie BY CINQ MONDES, Deep Nature Spa – Center Parcs domaine des Trois Forêts…

Cinq Mondes
Deep Nature
Cinq Mondes
Deep Nature