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Discover the different jobs at SNOW Group.


SNOW Group offers 3 brands with complementary positioning that allow us to satisfy all needs, all destinations and all projects: Cinq Mondes, Deep Nature and Algotherm.

The communication teams are in charge of promoting the DNA, values, products and spas of the SNOW Group brands to our clients, consumers and the media. This team works on all communication channels and media.

In corporate communication, the communication department manages the image, employer brand, reputation, internal communication and CSR of SNOW Group.


The Snow Group Export & Key Accounts department develops and supports the international representation of our 3 professional cosmetics brands.

Our Area Managers work hand in hand with distributors and our key accounts (franchises and hotel groups) to increase the visibility and distribution of our brands in more than 30 countries and many prestigious establishments.

In constant search of expansion, our team also devotes part of its time to prospecting for new partners and carries the colours of our brands high at several international cosmetics trade fairs.



Our Product Development teams are in charge of innovating daily in this constantly evolving sector. We are creating the concepts of tomorrow: products that are safer, more effective, and specially designed to provide a real experience in our spas and institutes.

Our team is in constant exchange with our R&D laboratory, our regulatory department, our industrial partners, our training and marketing departments, to improve existing products and develop new ones.

We have established very strict specifications for our formulations: by going further than the regulations in force and optimising our CSR procedures, we develop safe, sensory products that are increasingly respectful of our planet.


Our Logistics department does everything possible on a daily basis to meet the demands of our BtoB and BtoC customers by optimising the preparation and transport of our products.

CSR initiatives are at the heart of this department: reuse of cardboard boxes, grouping of orders, search for more environmentally friendly partners, sorting of waste according to channels, everything is done to limit our emissions and improve our carbon balance.


The role of the Purchasing department is to satisfy the needs of the Marketing and Development teams by seeking out suppliers who best meet our standards in terms of quality, cost, delivery times and services.

The Purchasing division must also optimise its research to find solutions in line with current global issues by adopting a more responsible purchasing policy.

Cinq Mondes
Deep Nature
Cinq Mondes
Deep Nature